Why Investing In Sex Toys Is Better Than Finding A Partner

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Several society’s preconceived notions inflict a rather negative connotation on sex toys despite its sole motive was to fulfill individuals’ sexual desire in the most rational ways possible. The very ignorance of the society has since owed plenty of apologies to sex toys but perceive engaging in a sexual intercourse with a random stranger being better than the former. Though I am not in the place to judge, sex toys are indeed comparatively better than actually having yourself engage in a coitus with your partner, and here is why : 

Different sex toys fur handcuffs, love balls, butt plug, and other are on a black background. Top view. Idea for sex shop advertising

Protection Not Needed

No matter how deeply in love you are with your significant other, there are several things you may not be able to disregard when having sexual relations with them, this include the use of protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases. We understand how uncomfortable it could get at times to have a condom on or being penetrated by a condom, but better safe than sorry. With a sex toy, you can almost gain the same amount of pleasure without the essentiality to utilise any sort of protection because it would not make your pregnant nor the ability to transmit sexual diseases. 

Plethora Of Choices 

Engaging in sexual intercourse with a partner does not open your doors up to more experiences because there are certain positions that could not be easily done. By owning an entire collection of sex toys, you are granted with the opportunity to try out different styles anytime you wish; vaginal and anal, it all depends on your desire and lust. 


The most quality of sex toys may cost slightly more but it is a one-time payment, unlike being in a relationship where you are somewhat obliged to spend on each occasion and can sometimes cost you an arm and a leg provided you are unfortunate enough to have met a gold-digger. Either way, sex toys are more worth it if you think about it. 

They Won’t Ever Leave 

Having a significant other partially indicates that you are holding onto the risk that they might leave you one day. As a matter of fact, no matter how long a relationship has lasted, one of them is still entitled to call it quits because they have the rights to do so. On the other hand, sex toys would not put you in such situation because just wouldn’t. They stick by your side through thick and thin, and chances are that you may be the one disposing of them rather than them leaving your side. Why get a partner who might be leaving you one day when you can actually rely your sexual needs on sex toys knowing best that won’t ever leave you alone no matter the situation? Invest in adult sex toy malaysia that would stay for a long time rather than a relationship where the partner is only here for a good time.