What To Do In Times Of Flood

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Flood is one of the most significant natural disasters befalling many nations, some of the most prominent being the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, so on and so forth. Though not as catastrophic as tsunamis, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes; we should never underestimate the tragedy a massive flood can bring to your livelihood. Whether you reside in regions that are vulnerable to flood or not, it is smart to learn about survival tips in times of flood because we are not born a fortune teller who can predict what is about to transpire in the near future; and if you happened to be a regular of a flood, my heart goes out to you and your family and here is what you can do for the sake of survival. 

Basic Amenities 

Usually, the monsoon arrives in predicted months of the year, so when you see the time approaching, ensure your shelter is equipped with sufficient basic amenities such as food and water. In times of flood, water supply will be cut off thus crucial to store enough water whether it is for drinking or cleaning purposes. These are the utmost important elements you need to have in such disasters when almost all operations of hypermarkets are affected. You are recommended to store food such as canned food (beans, tuna, sardines, etc) and instant noodles that do not require to be kept inside a fridge together with long shelf life. Do not purchase any frozen goods because electricity will most definitely be cut off to prevent electric shock. 

Move Belongings To Higher Spots

Your furniture is anticipated to be underwater, assuming the flood enters the interior of your house. If you are capable of moving them to higher spots, do so, if not just leave it there. Chances are that these damages will all be covered by insurance if you do purchase one. Besides, keep an eye out on documents and items that are too important to be swallowed up by the flood, move them on top of your cupboard. Let’s say you are living in a double or triple-story house, move all of the objects upstairs, thus leaving you little to nothing to worry about. 

Roofing Structure

 Many people overlook the type of roofs they install atop their heads but if you are living in areas that are comparatively vulnerable to flood, contact metal roofing malaysia today for a metal roof installation. Many preconceived notions revolve around metal roofers claiming how it generates more noise compared to other types of roofing during rainfall, but that is nowhere near accurate. Not only does it produce less noise, but it also helps disperse rain droplets when they fall. Though complete elimination of flood is not guaranteed, the most it can do is to help hinder the transpiration of flood, giving you more time to prepare for evacuation.

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