Tourism management

Traveling and discovering new places and cultures happens to be the passion of many people. Generally, vacation days are anxiously planned to enjoy a moment with family, friends or even alone in a different destination.

But, many times, so that these trips can happen smoothly and without problems, the tourist needs a professional to help him and, in this case, he is not only the tour guide. It is about tourism managers.

Even though the professions are directly linked, there is a difference between the work of the tour guide and the tour manager. While the guide is better able to conduct the trip, present the historical contexts and relate to the group of tourists, the manager is more focused on strategic planning, part of finance and sales in the tourism sector, staff training and administrative issues.

The tour manager happens to be responsible for taking care of the business in general. It can be in the administrative sectors of hotels, travel agencies, exchange programs and even in restaurants, parks and events in cities known for the strength of tourism.


Training in Tourism Management of best diploma in tourism studies Malaysia lasts two and a half years. The course is a Technological degree and is offered in several institutions, both in the classroom and distance learning.

During the course, students learn various subjects that relate tourism to management, such as communication, legislation, marketing, technology, finance and many others.

See an example of a curriculum for the Tourism Management Technology course:

  • Travel Agencies
  • Thematic Cartography: Techniques and Projections
  • Social Sciences
  • Business Communication
  • Sustainable Development
  • Fundamentals of Tourist Routes
  • Fundamentals and Planning of Tourism
  • Geographic Fundamentals of Tourism    
  • Cost and Finance Management in Companies and Tourism Products
  • Management in Tourist Companies
  • History, Memory and Heritage
  • Hospitality: Tourism, Hospitality and Tourism
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Tourism Legislation, Ethics and Public Policies
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Accommodation
  • Event Organization
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Transport and Tourism
  • Tourism and Technology
  • Gastronomic Tourism

Job market

The travel, leisure and entertainment sectors are what drive the tourism market. In Malaysia, there are cities that receive millions of people annually to get to know natural heritage or enjoy great events.

The largest city in the country, Malaysia, happens to be known for hosting major events, such as concerts, fairs, conferences, congresses and sporting events. For more articles like this one, click here.