Top 3 Tea Brands

Remember when a cup of tea was offered as a welcome gift, and it was normally accompanied by the words “milk and sugar?” Even a sparsely stocked pantry will now have at least a small range of herbal and green teas in addition to the standard ‘builder’s’ tea. From classic Chinese Oolong tea to India’s masala chai to England’s breakfast tea, people from all over the world have one thing in common: they all enjoy a nice tea break. The cornerstone of many cultures is infusing one’s day with constant breaks to sup this revered beverage. Fortunately, there are a plethora of premium tea brands whose sole purpose is to provide you with the finest, most exquisite teas available. One does not need to be a worker who installs glass office partitions malaysia to enjoy a good cup of tea during break from work.

Our list will take you to the best gourmet tea brands currently available on the market.

  1. Vahdam

Vahdam is the place to go for luxury Indian tea blends. In a unique strategy, the tea company is shaking up the market. They buy their teas directly from Indian farmers and market them solely online, bypassing the middlemen. You’ll find the highest rates and the freshest premium teas this way. Much further, 1% of the brand’s turnover is donated to the welfare of the children of its farmers.

Vahdam, a celebrity favourite (think Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres), is one of the hottest tea brands right now, with an increasing influx of new customers signing up for their subscription package to get exotic Indian teas sent to their door.

Vahdam takes pleasure in delivering some of the world’s best organic and specialty teas by incorporating organic concepts into the company’s culture.

  1. TWG

TWG Tea’s president and CEO, Taha Bouqdib, could easily be represented as the world’s biggest tea connoisseur. That, my friends, is the kind of reputation you want your tea supplier to have. Bouqdib, a genuine tea connoisseur, has travelled the globe in search of and sampling the world’s most delectable teas.

Bouqdib is undoubtedly the supreme expert on all things tea, having acquired an impressive amount of experience by learning tea ceremonies in countries as disparate as France and Morocco for upwards of 15 years.

His love is tea, and TWG Tea is the embodiment of that passion.

They also use hand-sewn, 100 percent cotton tea bags to emphasise TWG Tea’s sheer splendour. Apart from being very luxurious, this often helps to provide the ideal atmosphere for the whole leaf tea to travel and grow, resulting in the optimal infusion.

  1. Twinings

More than the Italians love spaghetti, more than the Americans love Taco Bell, more than the Swiss love fondue… you get the idea. So there you have it.

Tea became extremely popular after the East India Company brought it to Britain (consult the history books). Obviously, this is still the case today. The Twinings family was at the forefront of this common pastime (drinking tea isn’t just about the tea, of course!).

In 1707, Thomas Twining opened the Golden Lyon coffee shop and started sharing his tea experience with the regulars. Like they say, the rest is history.

Twinings is renowned for their inviting, sensual herbal tea blends and solid English breakfast teas throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. You’d think that with 300 years of experience, they’d be pretty good. They are, in reality. For more articles similar to this one, click here.