Top 3 Best Scuba Diving Courses in Malaysia

If you ever wanted to learn how to scuba dive, you might be scouring the internet to search for the best scuba diving courses in malaysia. However, there are too many scuba diving courses to choose from and you might be overwhelmed by the amount of courses or have a hard time in figuring out which one is the best one to take. Which is why, this article is here to help you choose the three best scuba diving courses to take in Malaysia. We will sort out the difficult part of filtering the scuba diving courses for you and just list you the three best scuba diving courses so you would just have to choose one of them.

Being a scuba diver has many benefits. Besides learning how to swim in deep waters, you will also learn how to use and manage an oxygen tank, how to put on a wetsuit, how to manage your internal pressure while scuba diving and also learning about the different hand signals to communicate with while deep underwater. After completing your scuba diving training, you will be able to rent scuba diving gear, scuba dive at different approved locations all over the world, earn a certificate that states your ability to scuba dive and also a scuba diving license to show to scuba diving locations when you want to scuba dive. We will begin to list down the three best scuba diving courses to take below.

  1. Kota Kinabalu Discover Scuba Diving

Borneo’s aquatic life, which includes turtles and a diverse variety of tropical species, is world-renowned. On a full-day course in Kota Kinabalu, get an introduction to scuba diving, the most immersive way to explore aquatic biodiversity. This hands-on training, which culminates in a journey into open water, involves no prior diving experience. Lunch is included, as is all facilities, as well as hotel pickup and drop-off. On a full-day beginner course, learn the fundamentals of scuba diving. There is no requirement to have any prior diving experience. Lunch is included, as is all facilities, as well as hotel pickup and drop-off. Experience Borneo’s marine wildlife in a more immersive way.

  1. PADI Open Water Diver Course Kota Kinabalu

Previous clients have provided us with a great deal of good feedback. To obtain the status of 5 Star Dive Center, we must have the highest quality of operation. That’s just what we did. Our team consists of scuba diving veterans with years of experience. In March 2019, we received a PADI Professional Image Evaluation certificate, indicating that our accomplishments as a dive centre owned by PADI professional PADI scuba instructors met PADI’s requirements. In a small party, learn to scuba dive. A limit of four people in a group will be trained by one scuba teacher. We use the original PADI textbook book and principle DVD, and both of our teachers are PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors with a licenced teaching certificate.


Before approaching open water no deeper than 12 metres, Try Scuba will be guided and conducted by a certified scuba diving instructor with basic skills. As a bonus for your trip, we can take underwater pictures. After the diving session, you are also invited to join in the snorkelling session. For more articles like this one, click here.