The next big thing in travel

The pandemic has put a halt on our travel. But that has not stopped us from fantasizing about travel. 

We think of travel all the time, especially in lockdown. We are dreaming of a day we will get away from these four walls, the mundane routine, and waking up to the same scents and sounds. And ofcourse, just as everything changed, the world of travel also changed. A lot of new perspectives to travel is born, loyalties changed and business is only trying to keep their business floating instead of working on their customer’s loyalty. 

There was no individual in the travel industry who did not face a huge magnitude of losses during the pandemic. So it is only natural to wonder about the next big thing in travel. We all want to jump on the bandwagon of new trends and travel trends have been nothing short of exciting. 

So let’s take a look at some things that might be huge in the travel industry.

Personalized Travel Experiences

We have been through the age of luxury travelers and then we saw the wave of backpackers all over the world. Backpacking is still yet to die but the pandemic may have put a strain on the norm of backpacking travel. But this form of budgeted traveling may take on a newer luxurious form of localized travel experiences. People are looking for meaningful experiences in their spare time. They want something worthwhile and educational, despite taking the time to relax. In the future, we can see the rise of travel for more meaningful experiences take a turn. It may switch from backpacking to experiencing the best of both worlds: Luxury and Living the local life. 

Remote Working Travellers 

Remote workers are everywhere now. They are more prevalent in industries such as mlm software, or creative industries. Bloggers, marketers have been talking about remote working travelers for the longest time but the market for this was not visible until the pandemic. As more and mor opt for remote travel, they are willing to work from all corners of the world. A night in Dubai or a morning in Bali, does not matter. As long as it is a place with a good wifi connection, every remote worker is flocking to it. Countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, and Malaysia have long attracted remote travel workers from all over the world. Their affordability, connectivity are all factors in the final decision. Travel companies should take much effort in revolutionizing destinations as IT hubs to attract more and more remote travel workers. 

Using Technology To Predict Travel 

Using artificial intelligence to predict travel trends and destination is truly not a new pursuit. The travel industry along with other big financial corporations have been using machine learning to understand the behavior of individuals on the internet. People now predict marriage, divorce, purchases, and even working habits using artificial intelligence. This technology is bound to get popular among even small or big business owners in the travel industry. 

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