The Importance Of Having Fun

The Importance Of Having Fun

Could you remember how it felt when we were kids, building sandcastles by the beach, catching bubbles around the big field, talking to animals, always so eager to learn something new, because those things were always fun to do? Now that we all have grown, the fun things have changed, hanging out with friends, dressing and wearing makeup, spending the night at our boyfriend’s house is considered fun. The games we play are only fun if we win. Because we are adults now, it is different. But do you always wonder if you could turn back time, would you stay as kids? Because I would. You see, the reason why I answered that because having fun is kids, shapes your character very much compared to having fun now as an adult.

One of my reasons why it is important to have fun is because it builds up your curiosity. For example, when you play, and you are looking at something that attracts your attention, and you are wondering to yourself, I want to learn how to use and play it. Over time, when you keep playing and have fun, the curiosity shapes in you in a positive way because you are currently having fun as well as learning things. As another result, You tend to love and like to learn things.

Other than that, having fun as kids were memorable because we barely had stress. No pressure was put on us. We were even encouraged to play and have fun. With that positive energy, it helps our brain memory to be stronger, that is why it becomes easy for us to learn and memorize things because there were no feelings that disturbed the process of learning. Compared to when we were in school and we feel tired and sad, mostly depressed, and we bluntly decided to not wanting to learn anything. Thus, we got nothing from attending that class.

Lastly, having fun as kids tends to make us more creative. When we were children, the teachers would normally ask us to read, write, paint and draw. What do top online casino malaysia think those things were for? It was to develop our creativity. We did not know what pretty looks like, or what beautiful looks like, we had no zero judgment as kids. What we know, we had questions from our curiosity and we know what we like and we do not.

Do you not miss those moments when life was just easy to go through? Nowadays, it is all stress and deadlines, taking care of people’s feelings, wanting commitments, not wanting commitments and so much more. That is why we have to really be genuine. There are ways to enjoy the fun as an adult as well, you know? Nevertheless, we should all be grateful and make good use of the things we have around us. If you are stressed out, you want to have fun? Go. Do that skincare that makes you feel better, have that sleepover you have been planning with your friends. Play that online casino Malaysia, as long as you feel better.