Perfect Johor Bahru properties And Your First Home

We find it unbearable the rhetoric that we are all the same regardless, sea and mountains is the same thing, North and South are not different, cities and suburbs are on the same level and so on. These are information that are not always true and that leave the time they find. These are clichés that very often are not reflected in what is reality.

Buying your first home in Johor Bahru property is above all a lifestyle choice and cannot ignore your present and future expectations. If you are thinking of buying a house in Malaysia, it is very different from buying in the outskirts of the city. House for rent in Johor Bahru are pretty reasonable too.

Each place has its own specific context that you need to know if you live there. We begin to see the most frequent and interesting cases.

Well-inhabited central or residential district of a medium-large city

Professionals and families live, prices are higher and the market is quite dynamic.

If you buy a house in a place of this type you could pay 40-50% more for it than in other areas of the city but there is a reason: the price, in the end, the market does and the numbers do not feel. With due proportions, the situation is the same even for smaller cities.

Neighborhood near the University

There are neighborhoods in big cities that host the majority of students and there are other smaller cities that make students an asset. Here, too, houses cost a lot for a very specific reason: assuming you don’t believe that people no longer want to move to study in Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna or other cities with prestigious faculties, an apartment in these neighborhoods can cost more. compared to the unhealthy and abandoned periphery but, obviously, there is a reason.

Tourist resort of international prestige

There are cities of art or places that, historically, have always attracted a wealthy clientele or that have practically such a notoriety that tourists literally invade every space: prices, of course, are affected and the situation can only get worse since the phenomenon is now global.

Our opinion is that buying a house in such a place is simply crazy because prices are often on the verge of speculation.

Last Words

We still believe it is absurd to have to live in a very expensive tourist area without carrying out an activity related to tourism. If you live in a tourist place and do not have a job that depends on this industry, buying at home here doesn’t make much sense: perhaps it is more convenient for you to change where you live and build your future elsewhere. Head on to our website for more articles.