Internet Coverage in Malaysia

The Internet Coverage in Malaysia is steadily growing to cover more and more areas of Malaysia than ever before. 20 years ago, internet coverage in Malaysia only covered the city areas and those who were rich enough to afford internet at the time. The coverage was quite small and the speeds were tremendously slow. Those who were lucky enough to enjoy the internet at that time could surf the world wide web at a slow speed, while those who were not lucky enough to own home internet only could enjoy entertainment from radio, television, movies and books.

As the Malaysia internet technology continued to develop and become more faster and more accessible, the internet coverage grew from a small area in the city to more and more neighborhoods in Malaysia. Slowly growing the coverage zones to become the large internet coverage zone it is today. As well as internet packages coming at cheaper prices and faster speeds, the internet coverage grew with more and more people purchasing these internet packages while gaining access to high speed internet. In this article we will discuss the various internet coverages in Malaysia including fiber optic coverage and also mobile network coverage.

As for fiber optic coverage, we will be discussing the unifi fibre coverage that first started out in limited areas in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. Until the eventual expansion of fibre internet up until the recent expansion of Seremban in Negeri Sembilan. Unifi fibre internet first launched in 2011 with the introduction of limited areas in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. It started off being promoted as the fastest internet in Malaysia with relatively expensive prices from its first launching. The prices eventually decreased as the years went by, allowing more people to afford Unifi fibre internet. Internet coverage also increased over the years as more and more neighbourhoods and locations such as major cities received coverage from Unifi. Unifi also had plans to expand their coverage to cover other states including Perak, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan. Their expansion operations were successful and provided thousands of people who were using the very slow Streamyx, with Unifi fibre internet.

We have discussed the coverage of home internet, so it is time to discuss the other aspect of the internet coverage of Malaysia. Mobile network coverage. The coverage of mobile networks in Malaysia is spotty to say the least. With the best signal coverage only being in open areas of the city and people complaining of the signal quality in some buildings, the Malaysia mobile network coverage is not so good. While the best mobile network signal in Malaysia is 4G at the moment, some people complain that this is not enough. Some people have used 4G networks at 5mbps or even 1mbps! This is unacceptable speeds from 4G networks in Malaysia. However, most of the time, the network signal can be good enough to function as intended with speeds up to 80mbps. Soon, Malaysia might receive the next update to mobile networks, 5G. With 5G mobile network speeds will be up to 5 times faster than 4G and the coverage will be improved from 4G.

In conclusion, internet coverage in Malaysia has been growing ever since the day Malaysia received the internet and is slowly growing to cover more and more rural areas. For more articles like this one, click here