Interesting Architecture Malaysia Has Got To Offer

Malaysia is a country with many wonders. Our history and journey to become Malaysia started in the 1400S but since then we’ve come a long way. Our economy boomed and we’ve went through 7 prime ministers and 14 general elections. Our country practices constitutional democracy and we also have the sovereignty of our own country. We’re proud of our food, culture and our multi-racial system but one thing we don’t know much about is the interesting architecture that our country has to offer us. So here are some interesting architecture Malaysia has got to offer and has built over the 60 over years we’ve become independent.

The first is the Petronas Twin Towers. Built and designed by César Pelli, the towers were tested rigorously before it was even allowed to open. The Petronas Twin Towers became the very sign Malaysia is known for and every single architecture company near Kuala Lumpur can feast their eyes on it and wonder with awe. The project began on 1 January 1992 during the era , Kuala Lumpur became more and more of a bustling town and less of a deserted area. Due to the sheer height of the towers, Pelli has to go through several wind testing to see if the towers will hold through. The towers were the tallest when it was first built too. Many tourists began flocking from all over the world to see the tower that was rising out of a relatively unknown country.

The second is the Minangkabau Architecture. The Minangkabau are an ethnic majority in West Sumatra and Negeri Sembilan and recognised as minority everywhere else. The Minangkabau architecture is a unique one of its own. It has curved roofs that are pointed upwards and it’s presumably been that due to the strong belief that any bad luck or spirit that falls upon the homeowner will be rebound back to the sky, leaving the owner in pieces. This traditional belief still falls upon many cultures and there’s no stopping the Minangkabau. The folk of this culture also have a museum in the Negeri Sembilan state all in the Minangkabau home style. Their home also stands on its legs and are extremely well known for.

Finally, the most known and visited architectural structure visited by many but known by a few is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. This building was used by the British colony from 1894-1897 to house British officials. The building shows a 40-metre clock tower which is a symbol used by the British colonists to dominate the country. The clock also has chimed once during Queen Victoria’s jubilee back in the day. The building was the place where the Union Jack was lowered while the Jalur Gemilang was heightened during our Independence Day.  The site itself is a reminder of the people’s freedom from their colonisers and is still a popular route during the Hari Merdeka parades.

Now that we’ve shared with you our list for some of the best architectural spots there is, we hope you come to visit them. These buildings are a symbol of what the country stands for as well as our progress into becoming a developing country as we are. 

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