Fruit Buying Experience at online

Fruits and vegetables gain a presence in the online shopping cart, with sales that have increased 26.3% on the Internet between January and September 2015 compared to the previous year, compared to 8.7% in physical stores. A consulting firm has released these data on the occasion of the Fruit Attraction fair in Malaysia. Both categories benefit from “the growing, although still very incipient” trend of buyers to digitally purchase fresh as a whole, including meat and other categories, the company said.

Some products have stood out this year, such as avocado, which perhaps helped by its status as a superfood, grew 43.9% in the first nine months. Likewise, some local vegetables online delivery Malaysia such as zucchini and artichokes increased their sales by more than 20%, followed by broccoli (+ 19.9%). The “classics” such as oranges and potatoes are still the most common in the shopping cart.

Online food purchases in Malaysia

Little by little, Malaysian households are incorporating the task of shopping on the Internet into their day-to-day, just as they already do when buying plane tickets, reserving a table for dinner, or dressing up to date. Thus, so far in 2015, Malaysian households that fill their pantry online have grown 25% compared to the previous year (as of June 2015), according to data.

The growing incorporation of consumers to the online purchase of consumer products has allowed sales of this channel to grow 12% in the accumulated of the year until August compared to the same period of the previous year, a figure higher than 2% of increase registered by the market as a whole.

In particular, the consultancy has seen a notable increase in online sales in all categories, but especially in those products that were reluctant to buy through this channel, such as refrigerated, frozen or charcuterie, which grow about 15%.

The digital shopping basket is especially common in households with one or two members, without children, and upper-middle-class, both working. In addition, they tend to concentrate purchases a lot in the first week of each month, coinciding with the income of the payment, a trend even higher than that of the hypermarket channel, which confirms online sales as a key channel in the so-called replacement purchase, with a mix of price, assortment, and convenience highly valued by the consumer.

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