Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a professional engineering discipline most needed in fast developing countries. The discipline imparts knowledge to the students on structural design, constructional material/techniques and Environmental Engineering. The laboratories in the department enable the students to understand the field applications of the technical concepts. The department of Civil Engineering is well equipped with all the required machines and components to conduct practical programmes as stipulated in the curriculum. Students are motivated to learn all the intricacies of practical subjects and also made to think analytically.

The Laboratories include:

  • Hydraulic Engineering Lab, equipped with various types of Turbines, Pumps and fluid measuring devices
  • Soil mechanics Lab, consisting of hydrometers, consolidation testing, compaction apparatus etc
  • Concrete Lab, having flow table, mortar mixer, compression testing machine etc
  • Survey Lab, equipped with surveying equipments, links etc.
  • Strength of material Lab, equipped with universal testing machine, torsion testing machine, impact testing machine, wood tester etc to conduct tests and to study the physical properties of materials such as steel, brick, wood etc.