Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent As Per Your Choice

Any real estate agent will tell you the same thing, the most important thing about your real estate investment is: location, location, location! Investment real estate in a prime location such as puchong kinrara property for sale is therefore the focal point for every new real estate project. For example, we invariably opt for real estate in and near major cities, surrounded by greenery and located near good roads. Your tenants will always live in a location with excellent accessibility, while still being surrounded by a quiet environment. This is a subtle approach that unfortunately is not always understood. In this article, we’ll leave subtlety for what it is and try to get the message across as clearly as possible. As a seller, try to avoid these five things if you want to keep your broker happy.

Tenants With Purchasing Power

We focus on real estate projects with a prime location in central cities such as puchong kinrara houses for sale, we also attract stable, wealthy tenants. Its excellent location between city and green business, our real estate projects are becoming very popular with expatriates. How many followers employed are at various European institutions and multinationals. Choose the bandar puchong kinrara apartment for sale in this case.

Sustainability Of The Building

The companies always work with the best materials, both structurally and for the internal finish. For example, we always opt for passive construction with thermal and acoustic insulation. Where possible, solar panels are provided, which reduces the energy costs for the tenant. In addition, we opt for a high-quality finish with modern appliances and design furniture.

Real Estate Return: This Is How You Calculate It

You calculate the return on your future real estate investment by taking into account three components: the added value, rental income and tax benefits.

The Added Value

As the demand for real estate continues to increase, the added value of real estate is also increasing. One property increases in value faster than another, so you cannot put an exact number on it. To create the greatest added value, it is advisable to sell within 15 to 20 years, because then the first structural costs will arise for your property. For real estate in prime locations, you can also choose to keep it in your portfolio, provided that the necessary renovation work is carried out.

The Rental Income

A realistic rental yield is around 2.5 and 3%. This rental income also partly compensates for the purchase cost or the depreciation of your investment. For more articles such as this one, click here.