Chemicals Are All Around The World.

Everything we know is made of chemicals. Ever since the experimentations began on earth materials and the chemical resources of the world, the world went through some rapid changes.

There is a common misbelief that chemicals are only man-made. But they can also be very natural. It may be no foaming agent Malaysia has, but it can be a lot more powerful and toxic than one can imagine. Natural chemicals are made in this world with no chemical and human intervention but they can have both their benefits and deadly consequences just as man-made chemicals or synthetic chemicals. 

So why do we use chemicals despite knowing they can be potentially life-threatening? The answer is easy! Chemicals have made our lives hundred times easier. A life without chemicals was burdening and humans are now incredibly dependent on chemicals.

Our body is also dependent on chemicals. Bile is a chemical excreted in our body to break down the food we consume and make it easier for absorption of nutrients and digestion of food. Chemicals are released in our sweat, blood and so many more instances. Our blood can infuse with other materials to create toxins. But let’s take a look at the brighter side of our addiction to chemicals and how it made our lives easier? 

Medicinal Drugs

There was a time we certainly had no paracetamol, or ibuprofen available for the inflammation or the extremely painful headache we have after a long day of hard work. We certainly cannot imagine a world without paracetamol. The security in paracetamol is the chemical security we seek in all of our medicines. Immediate relief! There is no way to obtain immediate relief with natural products and practices. It is medicinal drugs made out of chemicals that made all the difference.


We are busy people. We need food and other things to last a long time around us. It is expensive to buy over and over and it is not easy to have a garden in our apartment that resides in a concrete jungle. So what’s the best solution for our modern life food problems? Perhaps preservation and today preservation is only possible because of chemicals. Chemicals make our food last longer in the fridge, pantries and even shops. It is a lessening burden on many. It is also helpful to many who live on a budget and need to spend less excessively on food rather than having to buy everytime. 

The Natural Chemical We Cannot Live Without

What’s one chemical that is impossible for us to live without? It’s H2O. And H2O stands for water. Water is also a chemical. Usually, the word chemical is associated with toxins and harmful products but chemicals are simply how we exist and revolve around the world.

Needless to say, some chemicals are extremely dangerous to mankind. The overconsumption and production of various chemicals have created mass wastelands, and waste dumps that have done more harm than good for our marine life and land. There are many pollutants and dangerous chemicals around the world that potentially threatens our climate and well-being.