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It is very important that the cost and quality of repairs correlate with the cost of the apartment and its location. If in some inexpensive area you make a luxurious renovation and then try to recapture its resale value, then nothing will come of it the apartment will simply hang. People who buy economy class hardly need plumbing and Italian marble on the floor. For the Shah Alam condo in Glenmarie Shah Alam property, this is essential.

If, for example, you have an inherited apartment in an expensive area and you decide to make repairs there before selling in the hope that this will increase the cost, then its level should correspond to the level of housing. If you spend money on interior doors made of chipboard and grey tiles like the one on the floor at McDonald’s, then such a repair will only play a disadvantage. People buying a business class apartment will most likely want to arrange it accordingly, and your redecoration will not affect the cost in any way. In short, before you expect that the renovation will be a good investment, it is better to assess all the risks.

General Options

In general, the situation with the condition of the apartment is as follows: today, of course, it is more profitable to buy an apartment with a renovation that will satisfy you. It will be cheaper than buying a “killed” apartment and remaking it for you. The cost of housing has decreased in recent years, whiles the cost of high-quality building and finishing materials, on the contrary, has increased.

  • The question of how to choose an apartment can seem overly complicated, especially if this is your first time touching on the topic of real estate. We will help you sort out the problem and decide where and how to buy housing, which you can eventually call your home.
  • In our article you will find answers to the trickiest questions that relate to the nuances of choosing apartments in new buildings and in the secondary market. Where is it better to live – in a panel, monolithic or brick house? How to choose a floor, location of an apartment in a section and layout? How can you check the quality of construction before buying? Let’s figure it out.

Criteria for choosing an apartment in a new building

Before you start puzzling over which apartment to choose, you first need to decide where to buy it – from the developer or the owner. The difference between the primary and secondary markets is quite tangible in terms of money, in terms of comfort and quality of housing.

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