Mission of the Trust

  • To establish an engineering college for ensuring proper linkages between planning of Engineering Education facilities and the market demand so that the Engineering College becomes demand – driven and later the needs of the economy to become the largest Technological Hub of the world
  • To produce an output of inter nationally accepted levels of quality products.
  • To create infrastructure for teacher competence, teaching learning processes and management so that college produce graduates at accepted levels of competence in knowledge skills and attitudes.
  • To promote technological capacity building through technological innovation research, design and development and through active collaboration with industry and R&D organizations on National and international level.
  • To develop strong linkage between institutions and the community including both formal and informal sectors of the economy, to promote high rate of economy and technological growth.
  • To take affirmative action for increasing access of ordinary Indian man, women, physically challenged and economically deprived sections of society to technical education at undergraduate level in the phase – I and post graduate, doctorate level in the phase II stage.

Vision of the Trust

  • To produce skilled manpower in sufficient number to meet the needs of the country and also on the international level.
  • To ensure the highest quality of output of undergraduate and post graduate engineers in disciplined manner, useful for country growth.
  • To become an exemplary engineering education centre equipped by R&D facilities with strong interactive and best linkage with industry at national and international levels.