5 Regular Words That You Didn’t Know Were Actually Brands

5 Regular Words That You Didn’t Know Were Actually Brands

“Well, dang! My band-aid slipped out in the shower, so I guess I have to throw it in the dumpster along with the bubble wrap from the fiberglass we bought yesterday! Hey, you wanna throw some frisbee outside later, or may do some hula-hooping?”

That was a pretty typical sentence, right? Something that anyone could say, anywhere; and no one would bat an eyelid. Yep, just a completely normal sentence full of normal English words!

…nope. It turns out, the first sentences above had about 6 words that were actually the names of brands!

Brand names have seeped into our everyday life so much that they’ve basically integrated themselves into our standard vocabulary. In fact, they’ve become so integrated that most people don’t even know that the words they’re saying are actually brands! Imagine if you started calling every car a ‘Toyota’ and that the word ‘Toyota’ basically became synonymous with the word ‘car’, to the extent where every car (even if they’re a mercedes!) becomes referred to as a ‘Toyota’ – that’s what’s happened to a few of our English words!

So if you want to be completely mind-blown, here are 5 regular English words that you didn’t know were actually brands!

1. Tupperware

“Hmm, we still have some leftover spaghetti left. Let me store it in this Tupperware so we can reheat it for dinner!”

Nowadays, the term ‘Tupperware’ has become interchangeable with any food storage unit or container. Every container you have in the kitchen has suddenly become a ‘Tupperware’ – even if they don’t hail from the ‘Tupperware’ brand!

That’s right – the word ‘Tupperware’ is actually from a brand named Tupperware; a famous malaysia mlm software and across the wider world that sells (you guessed it!) food storage units! Since Tupperware became popularized in recent decades and use of it became widespread across the world, people began substituting the term ‘container’ for Tupperware considering how often said container was a ‘Tupperware’ – and then the name just sort of stuck!

2. Maggi Mee

Less of an international phenomenon and more of a local one, there are many Malaysians out there who generalize every brand of instant ramen/noodles under the umbrella term of ‘Maggi mee’. These days, ‘Maggi Mee’ has replaced the standard term of ‘instant noodles’ – or even the springy noodles it usually comes in – in our local vernacular – and it’s not difficult to see why!

An international brand of (of course) noodles and seasonings, Maggi is perhaps the top instant noodle brand in all of Malaysia – and perhaps other places in the wider world. When we get hungry but don’t want to spend time cooking too complex a dish? We know that Maggi mee has got us – with it’s assortment of delicious local flavours! (Heck yeah!)

And in time, Maggi mee sort of replaced standard ‘instant noodles’ in our day-to-day conversations – it’s much less of a burden to say three syllables instead of four, I guess!

3. Band-Aid

Band-aids too??

I have to admit – this one actually surprised me when I looked it up. But yeah, it’s true – band aids, those sticky plaster things that you put on your wounds every time you scrape yourself, are actually the name of the brand!!!

This wide-spread use of a brand instead of a name, however…actually does make some semblance of sense. The sticky bandage was actually created by the Band-Aid brand back in 1920; wherein, after a few more changes to the original handmade version, the stylized, machine-made band aid began seeing widespread popularity among those who regularly cut or scraped themselves. Soon enough, malaysia mlm software had become enough of a household name that it was hence termed as such – though naming a product after the brand who literally created it does make a lot of sense!